Montessori Fundamentals

Who was Maria Montessori?

Born in 1870, she was the first female doctor in Italy. She spent a lot of time observing the way children behave and understood how to accompany their development in terms of their personality and intelligence.

She became an educator and philosopher, and dedicated herself for promoting the child as a complete human being.

She made the observation with 0-6 years old has an absorbent mind that allow them to explore their environment. That they also have sensible periods where they put all their energy in learning new skills or movements. The duration of those periods varies and sometimes overlaps. The 6 main sensible periods are:

  • Order:  A desire for consistency and repetition. Routines are important and the need to put things at their place. As parents, it is our role to help in setting up such environment where everything has its place and that are rules established. (Ages 0 - 6 yrs)
  • Movement:  Coordinating the movements and having more control over them: grasping, touching, turning, balancing, crawling, walking. (Ages 0-5/6 yrs)
  • Expressive Language:  Use of words to communicate: from babbling to words to phrases to sentences. Their vocabulary increase and also the level of understanding. (Ages 0 - 7 yrs)
  • Senses: Their 5 senses - Taste, Sound, Sound, Touch, Weight and Smell - are developed and they appreciate all of them and start to observe and make distinctions to the slight changes and differentiate them.
  • Small Objects:  Children experience a fixation on small objects and tiny details. (Ages 1 - 6/7 yrs)
  • Social life:  The need to have relationship and depending on others with different degrees while growing up. (Ages From before birth - 6 yrs)

These sensible periods help the child to build himself. The energy is very much percent as they put every effort in doing this natural process.

The concept and theory is based on this to know them and understand them and help the child to make the best of it in their learning and development.


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