Routine board
Routine board
Routine board
Routine board

Routine board

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Daily Routine Board

Maria Montessori said 'Help me help myself.'

This 7 routine board and magnets help in teaching daily practical life tasks and in an orderly manner which help making your child an independent and responsible human being.

The hand made pictures are very clear and easily understood by even young toddlers.

The board is safe and ensure that while you teach them the basics you want to introduce happens with less drawbacks as possible.

It makes life less stressful for the children and the parents. It includes more than 90 pictures and you can choose any 7 routines. If you want to have more than 7 routies, you can buy them at additional cost.

You can create your morning, evening or daily routine according to your preference.

Please choose the reference on the magnets to order your first 7 ones and the 7 'thumbs up' magnets are included.

Main board: 48x16,5cm

7 routine pictures 6x6cm

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